Matheus Gontijo
Matheus Gontijo

Community is all about connecting people!

Published at Jan 22nd 2024
  Shopware Developer @ iMi Digital
  Shopware Developer

What is this project all about?

For me, there is nothing more valuable in life than connecting, engaging, contributing and supporting one another.

Sometimes it's easier to just make things by ourselves, excluding other from the process. However, together, as a vibrant community that really cares about people... we are much-much-much stronger!

The essence of the project is to connect brilliant people from all over the world that are working with Shopware and make sure they share their knowledge openly, transparently and collaboratively with everyone in the community! There is a great opportunity to mutually learn from each other and level up the quality of our ecosystem. Hope we could build up a rich Shopware content repository where incredible people share their real world experiences.

That's what this initiative is all about. To create a win-win game for you, for me, for the community, for the platform, for e-commerce, for everyone.

Is it a place for advertising?

No. No. No. This is not a place for advertising. We will honor the Shopware audience and make it as honest as possible.

What is your favorite hobby?

Football!!! ⚽⚽⚽⠀Well, you know, I'm from Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷! I'm supposed to.

In case you are also looking for start off a a good conversation related to football, make sure you talk to me!