Alexander Menk
Alexander Menk

StackOverflow: creating long-term value for the Shopware community!

Published at Jan 30th 2024
  Team Leader @ iMi digital
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   Eltville, Germany

What are the advantages of asking Shopware related questions on StackOverflow over ... ?

... Shopware Community Slack?

The Shopware community slack is great, but has zero search engine discoverability. Most of the time programmers will (and should) use a search engine as a first step to find solutions for problems, and if you or somebody else wrote them down on StackOverflow, they are very easy to discover.

Shopware AG core developers are, both on the Slack as well as on StackOverflow, which is helpful to get an authoritative answer. Not neglecting the community’s effort to answer questions.

... blogging?

You might have been stuck for even a short amount of time on a programming related problem, that is worth sharing. It’s great to blog about technical content, but still there might be a reason to post on StackOverflow, especially, if you don’t currently run a technical blog. In this case, you can post a question along with the answer on StackOverflow for others to benefit - or even for your own future self’s benefit, when you forgot about it and Google it again in a few years. Also by sharing your solution to the problem, others might comment on it or post alternative solutions which you use, when you need to tackle a similar problem next time. The content you post on StackOverflow is under a CC-BY-SA license, so you still are getting your attribution.

... asking your coworkers?

It’s always good to talk to your coworkers about programming problems - but if you are writing down a problem anyways, for example in a team chat, you might as well write it down directly on StackOverflow and share the link. You still might get answers from your co-workers, but the knowledge is automatically shared with a larger audience.

What are the "do's" and "don'ts" when asking a question on StackOverflow?

Do read the user guide

If you are very new to StackOverflow, check out the help center first on how to write a good question.

Do ask at all!

You might hesitate to ask a question at all. Please don’t. Even if you discard the question later, it can be helpful to open up StackOverflow and start writing down your problem. This way you structure it, get already suggested search results from StackOverflow and can post the problem a bit later if you don’t instantly find a solution. (or post it Question & Answer style if you just found a solution)

Don’t overthink it, edit when necessary

Write high quality questions, but don’t overthink it. Your question’s title is important. But you can edit it later, if the problem becomes more clear. So you can edit your questions to add additional detail.

You might get comments asking for clarification. Just edit your question to reflect the additional information. Avoid long discussions in comments.

Do Vote

Just like in real life, it’s important to vote. If you are browsing through StackOverflow to learn a new subject, up vote valuable answers - and also questions!